December 10 and 11, 2015: I CBMA International Arbitration Congress, at FIRJAN. 



September 24, 2015: Seminar "Arbitration and Mediation from the view of the companies: perspectives", at ACRJ.



September 22, 2015: Seminar "The Market Regarding the Supply of Goods and Services for the Oil & Gas Industry", at FIRJAN.



September 1, 2015: Seminar "Mediation in the New Brazilian Civil Procedure Code", at ACRJ. 



August 7, 2015: Seminar "Arbitration and Regulation: Telecommunication, Ports and Antitrust", at FIRJAN.



August 4, 2015: Mediation Training with Kathleen Roberts, mediator and arbitrator of JAMS, at CBMA. 



July 17, 2015: Seminar "Arbitration and Mediation in the Public Administration", at FIRJAN. 



June 15, 2015: Seminar "Disputes with Asian Companies: The SIAC Experience"



April 27, 2015: Seminar "The use of Consensual Methods in Business Dispute Resolution", in cooperation with CPR - International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution.



April 10, 2015: Seminar "News on Arbitration - The new Brazilian Civil Procedure Code and the alteration of the Arbitration Law".



March 20, 2015: Seminar on Corporate Mediation and Invatation to Join the Mediation Pact.



November 28, 2014: Breakfast with Peter Lichtman, american judge (ret.) and mediator.



November 13 to 15, 2014: "II International Business Mediation Workshop" carried out by CPR -International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, in association with CAMARB - Business Arbitration Chamber - Brazil



November 13, 2014: Mediation Agreement Execution, in cooperation with CPR - International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, in the auditorium of the 12th floor of the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro - ACRJ. 



September 22 and 23, 2014: Certification course for Mediators, carried out by ICMFL - Institute of Certification and Training of Portuguese-speaker Mediators.



September 3, 2014: Seminar "Mediation and Lawyering – Practical and Behavioral View" - Prof. Dwight Golann, Dr. Andrea Maia and Dr. João Afonso de Assis



August 11, 2014: Lecture on " The Art of Lawyering " - Carlos Henrique de Carvalho Fróes, Meritorious Member of the Supervisory Board of ACRJ 






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