Schedule of Costs of Mediation and Mediators’ fees

The costs of mediation proceedings are:

Registration Fee

The registration fee shall be collected by the Applicant, on the date the institution of the mediation process is applied, in the amount of R$ 4,000.00 (four thousand reais), not subject to offset.

Administration Fee

The administration fee of the proceedings shall be collected monthly by the parties in the amount of R$ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais) for each party, from the execution of the Mediation Agreement and during the proceedings

Mediators’ fees

The mediators’ fees shall be collected in equal parts by the Applicant and the party under the application, before the execution of the Mediation Agreement, in the amount of R$ 900.00 (nine hundred reais) per hour of actual work of the mediators, observing the minimum number of 20 hours of work.


Expenses incurred by the mediators and CBMA are not included in the items above, to be reimbursed upon request if necessary.

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