Terms and Rules

Regras da Rio de Janeiro Arbitration Week | 2023

2ª Edição | CBMA

I. Definitions

RJ Arbitration Week | The Rio de Janeiro Arbitration Week ("RJAW") is an annual initiative organized by the Brazilian Center for Mediation and Arbitration - CBMA, consisting of an online platform (http://www.rioarbitrationweek.com.br/) in which all events related to alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") and related topics occurring in the first-to-second week of August of each year are compiled.

Mission | To allow anyone to submit their event proposition and to be a rendezvous spot for the ADR Community across the globe.

Rules | These are the rules for the 2023 RJAW ("Rules"). The Rules will be reviewed annually and will likely change from one edition to another.

II. Language

Language of the RJAW | Any written communications concerning the RJAW will be published in English and Portuguese, including the wording of the Rules and the website. For internal communications, the CBMA Organizing Committee ("Committee") is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Nevertheless, we request that all information concerning events be sent in English or Portuguese. The Committee will freely translate it into Portuguese. Accordingly, information about an event is sent in Portuguese only. The Committee will freely translate it for the platform.

Language of events | The Committee strongly recommends that the events inform the language of the panels and the availability of simultaneous translation to and from English.

III. Registration

Registro na plataforma RJAW | Registration of an event in the RJAW platform is a two-step process consisting of completing the registration form and the subsequent event approval or rejection by the Committee. The upload of the information to the platform will occur within the next 10 (ten) business days following the Enrollment. The event must meet the requirements (see item IV below).

Enrollment Fee | Enrollment of an event in the RJAW is free.

Enrollment Fee | Enrollment of an event in the RJAW is free.

Deadline | Registration in the RJAW platform will be accepted from 12 June 2023 until 01 August 2023. In the exceptional case, you will not be able to meet the deadline, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at cbma@cbma.com.br, preferably before the deadline.

Registration and organization of the events | A RJAW não se responsabiliza pela inscrição e organização de todos os eventos incluídos na semana. Exceções são feitas para aqueles eventos que administra. Quaisquer dúvidas sobre a Inscrição de eventos ou problemas relacionados à sua organização deverão ser encaminhadas diretamente à organização do evento.

IV. Requirements

Events' format |  A RJAW aceita eventos presenciais, híbridos e virtuais, porém reserva-se o direito de reavaliar a situação caso as condições sanitárias não favoreçam grandes aglomerações.

ADRs | The events registered in the RJAW platform shall discuss issues related to alternative dispute resolution methods – ADRs, and other relevant topics.

Speakers | Due to the gender parity policy, the events registered on the RJAW platform must include at least 30% of female speakers.

Mention of the RJAW | The website or invitation of the event shall mention its Enrollment in the RJAW and include RJAW's logo. We request that such materials are sent to the Committee for approval.

V. Promotion

Social media | The Committee may promote the events registered in the RJAW on CBMA's social media before, during and after the RJAW. Each day of the RJAW, the schedule will be published on social media

Website | All information requested in the RJAW platform registration form will be published on the RJAW website in up to 10 (ten) business days after receiving the form if the event meets the requirements.

VI. Contact

Contact Details | All communications regarding the RJAW platform shall be sent by email to cbma@cbma.com.br. Questions concerning each event shall be sent to the event's organization.